Mission Statement

Cowies Hill Pre-Primary School is a private, Christian school catering for the development of young children. Our school provides a high standard of pre-primary education in a warm, caring and vibrant environment which all play an important role in a child's development. We aim to develop pre-school children into well-rounded confident individuals, taking special care of their physical, intellectual and spiritual needs. Cowies Hill Pre-Primary School, with committed and experienced staff, provides the necessary teaching and support, to equip the children in our care with skills, which they will need in order to develop to their fullest potential.

Cowies Hill Pre-Primary School offers the following:
  • A baby group section - from 4 months(Baby Bears).
  • A playgroup section - ages 14 months to 2 years (Tiggers).
  • A pre-school section - ages 3 years to Grade R.
  • An aftercare and holiday care programme until 17:00.
  • Computers and Smartboard in the Grade R classroom.An excellent Grade R programme.The use of the latest educational methodology.
  • Regulated class sizes.
  • Extra-Mural activities: Ballet, Child Drama, Soccer, Sprouts, Kiddinastix, Playball

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19 Alida Pl, Cowies Hill, Durban, 3610

031 702 3753